Our Capabilities

Boulder BioConsulting, BBC, is populated with industry veterans with expertise in all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences and informatics for Research and Development. We specialize in R&D informatics, bioinformatics, and scientific consulting for non-commoditized problems. If you are just getting started with R&D information systems, if you have a pile of data and don’t know what to do with it, or if you are trying to create a late-stage development plan for a challenging drug, we are your people.

Clinical Development

The most critical experiments that your company will undertake are the animal experiments that will directly guide your clinical development plan. If those experiments are designed incorrectly or the results are not managed and analyzed sensibly, you will waste hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in misguided clinical development. BBC includes an expert that has designed and executed the critical late-stage clinical experiments that have elucidated a path to clinic for several drugs, particularly in the Immunology and Oncology spaces. This unique individual can help you with your late-stage development and clinical strategy, and guide you to a better path to the clinic.

Research and Development Information Systems

BBC has leading experts on staff in the analysis, selection, and set-up of R&D information systems (IS) systems, experts who have been in the trenches and done the work. BBC staff have helped scope, select, purchase, or create systems ranging from early-stage drug library calculation, synthesis, and plating, to lead optimization and biological data management, through late-stage pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and in vivo efficacy.

If you need help with the analysis, selection, installation, or management of any of these system classes, we have hands-on experts that can assist:

  • Electronic Lab Notebooks
  • Compound Registry (both large and small molecule)
  • Compound Inventory
  • Research LIMS
  • Assay Request / Workflow Response
  • Assay Results Management
  • SAR and Results Analysis / Visualization
  • Library / Article Access
  • Instrument Integration
  • NGS Data Storage and Analysis
  • Clinical Trial Management System
  • Electronic Data Capture
  • Drug Safety Systems
  • Document management (Sharepoint and Veeva Vault)
  • Data Visualization and Analysis

Machine Learning and Statistics

Generating data is only the beginning. To generate real value, those data have to be reduced into statistically significant and biologically (or chemically) meaningful results. BBC includes several members with rigorous machine learning and mathematical / statistical expertise. We analyze the science with you to understand the best mathematical foundation to base the analysis on and often will create ensemble methods if there are multiple good options. Example projects we have undertaken to date include:

  • Modeling drug sensitivity results with publicly available NGS and RNASeq data to generate biomarkers.
  • Modeling protein structure data with energetics and docking results to predict optimal mutations.
  • Mathematically optimizing a probe set for maximum sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Evaluating the predicted degree of clinical response improvement that could be expected by limiting the treatment population by virtue of different mutational profiles.

Computational Chemistry

Computer-assisted drug design allows for a more rational approach to understanding protein chemistry and drug design. While this has remained a challenging field, it is still a cornerstone of pharmaceutical research and can lead to dramatic improvements in SAR on a shorter time-scale than any alternative. BBC has experts in the theory and practice of modern structural modeling, docking, protein chemistry, and CADD, and we have a track-record of success in finding SAR options that internal resources at our customers have missed.

Management Consulting

The science and technology space that BBC specializes in can be daunting and overwhelming to a management team that is an expert in the forming and running of companies. During strategic planning, a management team often requires a reliable external expert to assist with assessing the state of internal R&D IS, bioinformatics, or scientific strategy questions. BBC has served this role in several capacities for clients over the years and has a reputation for pragmatic, rational advice. As managerial advisors, BBC can provide clarity and guidance about where your organization is today, the strengths and gaps that exist, and help you prioritize projects, resources, and goals.

All of BBC’s expert consultants have the skills and experience to assist management teams in this capacity, so you can call upon us for strategic consultations for questions ranging from:

  • What R&D IS projects should be on the roadmap next year?
  • Which therapeutic targets should have higher / lower priority in our portfolio?
  • What experiments should we run to differentiate between clinical indications for our drugs?

Sequence Analysis

Modern molecular diagnostic techniques are commonly dependent on the development and utilization of probe or primer molecules. Correct multiplexing, sequencing, amplification, and identification are critical for enabling accurate data and high throughput, which all depend upon rigorous and intelligent sequence analysis and primer design. BBC has a leading expert who has been responsible for whole Affymetrix chip designs and whose algorithmic insights have enabled several successful products to be brought to market. This experience can help you with:

  • CRISPR guide RNA.
  • Multiplex nucleic acid detection.
  • Complex, atypical sequence analysis problems.
  • Molecular diagnostic panels.